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The 5th British Boutique Shopping Festival

2018-07-05 11:21  admin
   On October 26, 2017, the 5th British Boutique Shopping Festival had it’s grand opening! China-Britain Business Association invited Genius to participate. Genius was the only educational institution to participate in the shopping festival. Genius sent children from Wanjing Kindergarten (one branch of Genius)  to perform the lovely "Scottish Circle Dance,” and became the main focus arousing endless praise. The acting was so excellent that it made the Chinese and foreign audience break into laughter, and roaring cheers.  The educational concept advocated by Genius cultivates small world citizens, who have a sense of responsibility, challenge, spirit, service awareness, and internationalism. These ideals are at the forefront of international education, and is also highly favored by high-end brands in the UK, and business circulation fields in Hunan.